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Castles in the air...

The Colourfield is an English group formed in 1984 in Manchester and originally composed of Terry Hall (ex Specials and ex Fun Boy Three), Toby Lyons and Karl Shale.

The group released his first single "The Color Field" the same year, a single which allowed them to obtain a first ranked title. First single followed by a second "Take" which will also be popular with the public the same year, but to a lesser extent.

It was 1985 that finally rewarded their efforts with the successful release of their first album "Virgins and Philistines", album which would produce the biggest success of their short career with the title "Thinking of you". Album from which another big-caliber single will be extracted, namely "Castles in the air".

The sequel turned out to be a little less glorious with the release of a mini-album "The Color Field" in 1986 which met with only relative success. And who will struggle to produce a single of big caliber apart from the title "Things could be beautiful", title which will be the only one to pull out more or less well.

New album "Deception" in 1987 and especially the last album of the group, album also with relative success. Album from which will be extracted the last classified single of the group namely "Running away" ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The colourfield 1984

  • Take 1984

  • Thinking of you 1985

  • Castles in the air 1985

  • Your sincerely 1985

  • Things could be beautiful 1986

  • Running away 1987

  • She 1987


Clips :

1984 ... after the Specials and other Fun Boy Three, here is the new adventure of Terry Hall. Rarely will someone have changed so much in such a short time ...

1984 ... it is clear that the Colourfield adventure will not be the singer's most successful but the group is holding up, it is clear ...

1985..then comes THIS title. A title full of finesse and lightness and which will remain as their biggest record success. All good little guys !

1985 ... the result will be a little less favorable unfortunately. Especially since their style denotes somewhat compared to the competition ...

1985 ... a nice title that will pass somewhat under the radar. It is clear that as long as they do not change their style, the 1st places of the Charts will be literally inaccessible to them ...

1986 ... a change of year which will not allow the group to reverse the trend. This title will be classified but at a level far, far from the best ...

1987 ... this revisited version of the title of Sly And The Family Stone dating from 1972 will be their last title classified. The little that will come out later will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed ...

1987 ... they will go unnoticed but this one really deserved more recognition than it was. Hard law of the trade ...


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