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Carried by the wind ...

Christopher Charles Geppert, better known as Christopher Cross, is an American singer who took his first steps as an artist in the group "Flash". It was in 1979 that he decided to start a solo career and released his first album called… Christopher Cross. And it's a triumph ! Especially with flagship titles like "Sailing" and "Ride like the wind". A triumph that brought him the triumph of 5 Grammy Awards (Single of the year, Album of the year, Revelation of the year, ...) and he remains to this day the only singer to have achieved such a feat. The second album "Another page" released in 1983 was also a success with the singles "All right" and "Think of Laura". Other albums will follow without experiencing the same success, stopping the meteoric career of this gifted artist.

To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Ride like the wind 1980 • Sailing 1980 • Never be the same 1980 • Say you'll be mine 1980 • Arthur’s theme 1981 • All right 1983 • No time for talk 1983 • Think of Laura 1983 • A chance for heaven 1984 • Loving strangers 1986 • I will (Take you forever) 1988 • In the blink of an eye 1993


Clips :

1980 ... the HUGE title which will reveal him and raise him overnight to the rank of planetary star

1980 ... the WONDER ! One of the most beautiful ballads of the decade. THE title that consecrates him and makes him a definitive part of the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... a light and airy suite. And always this extraordinary voice which sublimates everything ...

1980 ... in the same vein. A 4th title to end in style a truly exceptional year for him

1981 ... he repeats a year later with this new ballad of very large caliber. And which will remain as its highest ranked title of all

1983 ... new global mega hit. The years go by, the hits are linked, a flawless inspiration

1983 ... difficult to compete with the previous steamroller for this title with certain quality, anyway

1983 ... definitely specialized in charming ballads, an area in which he excels !

1984 ... he signs here the official theme of the 1984 Olympic Games, just that. Sacred reference on a CV ...

1986 ... a mid-decade more difficult to negotiate than expected. May not be on top all the time ...

1988 ... back in force and as a duo on this magnificent Ultimate Slow. MA-GIC !

1993 ... a change of decade which will put a brake on the artist's career despite 1 or 2 pieces of obvious quality...


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