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Can’t fake his feelings...

Geraldine Hunt is an American singer who knows her first successes in the 70s with titles like "You and I" in duet with Charlie Hodges and "Baby I need your loving". She released her first album "Sweet honesty" in 1975, very Disco oriented. But it was with her second album "No way" which came out in 1980 that she finally reached the top with the huge single "Can’t fake the feeling". Single flagship of his career and which will remain as his only mega hit. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

  • Never, never leave me 1970

  • Cold blood 1972

  • Don’t take your love away 1977

  • Hang on to love 1978

  • Hot blooded woman 1978

  • Can’t fake the feeling 1980

  • No way 1980

  • Could we 1980

  • Glad I'm in love again 1980

  • It doesn't only happen at night 1981

  • Gotta go home 1983

  • It’s over 1984

  • Tonight is the night 1986


Clips :

1970 ... a very 70s start. The sound, the style, the atmosphere, everything is perfect. It only remains to increase power slightly ...

1972 ... the tempo accelerates somewhat. But for now, that's not enough to make a big hit. She still have to work ...

1977 ... welcome to the Disco years. The singer is finally starting to find her place in an ocean populated by diverse and varied competitors

1978 ... the end of the decade under the sign of Dance, that's clear. But for the explosion of notoriety, it will be for the next...decade

1980 ... the title of the consecration. This time, it is indeed the right one. A HUGE hit Dance that will go around the world and - finally - explode the notoriety of the singer

1980 ... straddling two eras. A title still with the Disco sound whereas we have already switched to the other decade. And why not ?

1980 ... the title of the seesaw. The singer penetrates full feet in the Funk galaxy. And it works pretty well my faith

1980 ... a BIG year 1980. A flowering of particularly successful titles, mega hits for one and very well made for the others. Especially this one !

1981 ... not much to eat in this new year. As the previous year was prolific, this one will be quite skinny ...

1983 ... what better way to boost a career than to join forces with other brands of the moment. A risky bet but a winning bet !

1986 ... a decade which will have seen her explode but a decade which will also see her disappear from the radar slowly but surely ... No matter, we will only remember the best !


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