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Boogie woogie...

Very little news about Coo Coo, except that this band is Italian and that they will be releasing some relatively good singles.

With for flagship single the title “Boogie Woogie”, single of big caliber which will remain like their main hit.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Upside down 1988

  • You can set me free 1988

  • All you need is love 1989

  • Happy days 1989

  • Uiah Eiah 1990

  • Loving you 1990

  • Boogie woogie 1990

  • Easy lover 1990

  • Winner 1992


Clips :

1988 ... a start on the hats of wheel with a first single which immediately sets the trend : it will be Dance, Dance, Dance. It promises !

1988 ... a 100 % Dance suite as planned and above all 100 % effective. Pure Italo Disco as we like !

1989 ... admittedly, it's not top level but whatever, it's fun and it's already essential !

1989 ... the end of the decade under the sign of rhythm and Dance again and again. Dance, an immutable trademark for them ...

1990 ... straddling 2 eras. The sound evolves, it is obvious and necessary at the same time ...

1990 ... in Hi-NRG mode, it pulses and it spins at 200 km/h. A recipe that works rather well and allows them to continue their little man on the road quietly

1990 ... which will surely remain as their biggest title. A deserved consecration for an unpretentious group that is only there to give pleasure

1990 ... a big year 1990 which will remain as their most prolific. The titles follow one another with varying degrees of success

1992 ... a little last for the road. It's still going so fast and it's still so catchy. If there is one word to sum up their career, it is this word : lively !


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Discography :

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