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Beyond your wildest dreams...

Sybil, whose real name is Sybil Lynch, is an American singer-songwriter who is no other than the cousin of another well-known singer of the 80s namely Maxine Jones, founder of the group En Vogue.

She released her first single "Falling in love" in 1986, which was a significant success. First success which positions her ideally on the front of the stage.

A year later in 1987 released her first album "Let yourself go", album with modest success but which nevertheless produced two other hits which are "Let yoursel go" and "My love is guaranteed".

But it was above all the album "Sybil", which was released two years later in 1989, that enabled her to achieve consecration. Notably thanks to its luxury cover of Dionne Warwick's flagship title "Don’t make me over" dating from 1962, a single which was to make a real worldwide hit and which will remain as her biggest success. Little followed by "Walk on by", still taken from the same album and which will also achieve a very good career in the Charts.

Unfortunately, the transition to the next decade will not allow the singer to capitalize on the enormous suction phenomenon generated by the previous album. His new album "Sybilization" which came out in 1991 was only going to meet with average success and produced no hits comparable to the previous ones except the single "Make it easy on me".

She will have to wait another two years and the year 1993 to regain success thanks to the album "Doin 'it now", album with modest success but from which a new global top hit will be extracted, namely "The love I lost". Flagship single that allows the artist to temporarily return to the race.

The same year released the album "Good‘ N ’Ready", which will not do better than its predecessor but will at least have the merit of producing its last notorious hit with the title "When I'm good and ready".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Falling in love 1986

  • Let yourself go 1987

  • My love is guaranteed 1987

  • Can’t wait (On tomorrow) 1988

  • Don’t make me over 1989

  • Walk on by 1989

  • All through the night 1989

  • Crazy 4 U 1990

  • Make it easy on me 1990

  • Love's calling 1990

  • Go on 1991

  • The love I lost 1993

  • When I’m good and ready 1993

  • Beyond your wildest dreams 1993

  • Stronger together 1993

  • So tired of being alone 1996

  • Still a thrill 1997

  • When I fall in love 1998


Clips :

1986 ... first title and already first hit. We couldn't ask for a better start. And which announces a sequel of the most interesting ...

1987 ... the rest is the same. A Dance style which works very well and which allows the singer to calmly continue the beautiful adventure

1987 ... a stance for Dance that cannot be denied. For now, she is not yet familiar with the stars but it will not be long ...

1988 ... we will still have to be patient to see her touch the stars. Small year 1988 with only one title on the clock and a level of success after all average. However, this title does not demerit, far from it ...

1989 ... then THIS title comes ! She signs here an absolutely sumptuous luxury cover of Dionne Warwick's title dating from 1962 and obtains the biggest success of all her discography. Like what, it was enough just to be patient. HU-GE !

1989 ... a decidedly exceptional year 1989 with a second top hit in the wake. A year that offers her its ticket to posterity and it is well deserved !

1989 ... a third title in this year 1989 of certain quality but which unfortunately did not have the same level of success as its predecessors. Pity...

1990 ... a year 1990 which started again on the hats of wheel with this new top hit. Her level of success fluctuates enormously depending on the titles and this from the beginning. And it will be like this until the end ...

1990 ... the year 1989 will have been an exceptional vintage for the singer but the vintage1990 will come close to it. New top hit on this track, one more !

1990 ... still in this year 1990, a title which will not be classified but which could very well have been. A decidedly extraordinary year !

1991 ... after 2 totally euphoric years, 1991 proved to be particularly disappointing. There is quantity, but the quality is fairly average. Except maybe for this title ...

1993 ... after an empty year 1992, we find her in great shape in this year 1993. Who says great shape, says success. A top hit which will unfortunately be her last ...

1993 ... a great form which is confirmed on this title. She signs here one of her best titles and this without question. But that will only achieve a fairly average level of success. Go figure ...

1993 ... beautiful year 1993 with a plethora of titles of more than certain quality. And this time, in a musical register a little different from anything she has been able to offer us until then

1993 ... like the year 1990, this year 1993 does not end in terms of titles. For our greatest pleasure, considering what she offers us in terms of quality !

1996 ... even if the level of success has dropped considerably in recent years, she remains at a qualitative level largely sufficient to avoid the fatal dropout ...

1997 ... a great adventure which continues quietly, but surely. She no longer plays in the big leagues but maintains herself at an average level of the most honorable

1998 ... the last title of the decade. But not the last title of her career because she will be found the following decade. A decade 2000 where she will unfortunately only make up the figure ...


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