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An important story to tell ...

Eros Ramazzotti is an Italian singer who, despite obvious arrangements for music, is refused entry to the Rome Conservatory. It was in 1981 that his musical career took off when he participated in the Castrocaro Festival won by a certain ... Zucchero. Even if he does not win, this competition allows him to stand out, especially by his atypical tone of voice. In 1982 he recorded his first Single "Ad un amico" without much success. It was not until 1985 that things accelerated when he participated in the Festival of San Remo with the title ... "Una storia Importante". Once again, he did not win the competition, but the song quickly became a hit in France and Italy, selling more than a million copies. The album "Cuore agitati" was released in the process. In 1986, he released his second album "Nuovi eroi" which ranked No. 1 in Charts in several European countries. Followed in 1987 by the album "In certi momenti" which was also a success. And the mini album "Musica è" in 1988. His fifth album "In ogni senso" released in 1990 will be for him the album of consecration with concerts at the legendary Radio City Music Hall in New York making him the first artist Italian to perform there. His latest world class album "Tutte storie" was released in 1993 and sold for around six million copies alone. Other successful albums will be released thereafter, but their level of success will mainly be limited to the Old Continent ... To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Terra promessa 1984

  • Una storia importante 1985

  • Adesso tu 1986

  • Emozione dopo emozione 1986

  • Ma che bello questo amore 1987

  • Libero dialogo 1987

  • La luce buona delle stelle 1988

  • Musica è 1988

  • Ti sposerò perchè 1989

90s Decade :

  • Se bastasse una canzone 1990

  • Amarti è l'immenso per me 1990

  • Dolce Barbara 1990

  • Ancora vita 1991

  • Cose della vita 1993

  • Un'altra te 1993

  • A mezza via 1994

  • Piu bella cosa 1996

  • Stella gemella 1996

  • L'aurora 1996

  • Quanto amore sei 1997

  • That's all I need to know - Difenderò 1998

2000s Decade :

  • Fuoco nel fuoco 2000

  • Più che puoi 2001

  • L’ombra del gigante 2001

  • Un’emozione per sempre 2003

  • I belong to you (Il ritmo della passion) 2006

  • Non siamo soli 2007

  • Parla con me 2009

2010s Decade :

  • Inevitabile 2011

  • Un angelo disteso al sole 2012

  • Fino all’estasi 2013

  • Alla fine del mondo 2015

  • Il tempo non sente ragione 2015

  • Rosa nata Ieri 2015

  • Vita ce N'è 2018

  • Siamo 2018

  • Vale per sempre 2018

  • Per le strade una canzone 2019

2020s Decade :

  • Ama 2022

  • Sono 2022

  • Gli ultimi romantici 2022

  • Magia 2023


Tracks :

1984 ... the promising beginnings of a little boy who will become one of the biggest stars of the 80s ... and 90s ... and 2000s ... and decade 2010 ... Yes, yes !!

1985 ... the HUGE interplanetary hit which will raise him One Shot to the rank of planetary star. Surely one of the biggest hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... on the roll, he offers us a magnificent ballad which shows all the versatility of his talent. MA-GIC !

1986 ... a title which will pass under the radar but which is not devoid of quality, far from it. We take, we take !

1987 ... in terms of the quality of the titles, it's relatively constant. Side classification in the Charts, it fluctuates enormously from one title to another. It is rather to put in the category 'good pick' ...

1987 ... another title with certain quality but which will not be classified like many other singles. A production of plethoric titles but which will unfortunately not be rewarded up to its expectations ...

1988 ... a shocking but above all charming duo on a track that works well. When 2 of the biggest stars of the moment play it glamorous, we can only let ourselves embark on the adventure !

1988 ... new sumptuous Intimist title which once again demonstrates his obvious talent in this area. We want more !

1989 ... in the same vein. An end of decade very clearly oriented register "with emotions" and which allows him to fly over this area with an obvious mastery

1990 ... a change of decade perfectly negotiated with this enormous title which will remain as one of its best and which offers him one of its biggest planetary hits. MAS-TER-FUL !

1990 ... new charming duo and even more shock than the previous one. A musical and especially vocal battle that rocks as we say !

1990 ... an enormous 90's with a plethora of titles and the Intimist want you there you go. In addition to the Intimist of very large caliber which makes him one of the best in this area and this obviously !

1991 ... after a year 1990 with unbridled inspiration, the year 1991 will seem somewhat pale with only one title on the clock. But given the quality of the title, we will be happy with it !

1993 ... year 1992 empty and smashing return in this year 1993. Race results : his most successful planetary to date. A decade of 90 which particularly succeeds for him and which sees him literally explode. MAS-TER-FUL !

1993 ... a sequel which will not have the same level of impact as on the previous title but which keeps the artist in the lead. A dynamic that is not about to falter !

1994 ... a somewhat declining level of success but the essentials are preserved. An inspiration that remains generally high level so no particular concern for the moment about the sequence of events ...

1996 ... at the peak of its possibilities. He will have recorded more mega hits on the decade 90 than on the 80 as incredible as it may seem. He signs here the biggest success of his entire career, quite simply. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1996 ... as very often, a sequel that cannot compete as the level of the previous title is high. Regardless, this does not affect the sequence of events ...

1996 ... a year which ended quietly on a level of success which has nothing to do with that of the beginning of the year but the main thing is to participate as they say ...

1997 ... the beginnings of the years in this 90s bring him particularly good luck. Here he signs a new global mega-hit that puts him back in the race in a big way. What talent !

1998 ... new sumptuous duo to end the decade in style. But this time, a 100 % male duo. It also works ! change of decade and the guy is still on the move. He won here one of his biggest successes and proves in a brilliant way that we will still have to count on him in the years to come. The Class, the real one !

2000...this title will not really experience the same level of success as its predecessor, it is clear. But don't worry about him, given what's on the horizon...

2001 ... each decade has a duo of hell concerning him. And once again the result is up to par. MA-GIC !

2001 ... totally at ease in a Dance rhythm of 2000 version version ! When you think it started 20 years earlier ... mind blowing !

2001...the 'small' hit of the year. It must be said that given the number of titles produced each year, not all of them can finish No.1 in the Charts, that's for sure...

2003 ... nothing and no one can stop him, his level of success during this new decade is truly amazing for a singer from the 80s. The boy never rests ...

2003...what is paradoxical is that he reached a greater level of success than when he first started. He will have matured, grown over the years and decades, and has now reached his full and total artistic maturity !

2004...after an exceptional start to the 2000s in all respects, the year 2004 will see him unscrew somewhat. It happens to him too, there is no reason...

2005...the year 2005 will see him recover thanks to several titles of more than certain quality. It must be said that the opposite would have been surprising with him...

2005...a year 2005 which will mainly reward this title. But the rest is far from deserving and it would have been a shame not to highlight the other titles...

2005...the quality level remains at a level that is impressive to say the least. The years pass, just like the decades, and this in no way affects the overall quality of its production, quite the contrary !

2006 ... new legendary duo. An Ultimate Slow of phew where 2 extraordinary voices mingle to perfection. He will always have known how to find the ideal partner !

2007 ... come on, this time, it's a duo of beautiful kids against the backdrop of phew rhythm. He will have made us the whole animal !

2009 ... 'grandpa' resists. He is moving slowly but surely towards a new decade and ends in the best way this decade 2010 with this new top hit. An adventure that is far from over, that's almost certain...

2009...he doesn't content himself with one major title per album, which is often the case with the competition. With him, it's 2, even 3, even 4 high-caliber titles contained in each opus... remains to be seen whether the next decade will be as favorable to him. Because he's been present at the highest level for a bunch of years now and we know that at some point the great adventure will end up being cut short...

2011...the least we can say is that the duets work for him, that's clear ! Listen to that ! We are therefore reassured that he still has some under his feet, that's clear...

2012 ... an incredible discography ! He will have achieved the incredible feat of having titles classified over 4 decades. Almost never seen !

2012...the artist's level of inspiration is truly limitless and allows him to last with disconcerting ease. Where most of those who started at the same time as him retired a long time ago, he is still there and in what way !

2012...who would have imagined when he started his career 30 years ago that he would still be here in 2012 ? Not many people, that's for sure...

2013 ... well, this time, we say that it is indeed the last notorious hit ?? Not sure, I'm telling you ...

2015...certainly, the level of success is no longer what it was compared to the boom years, but what he continues to offer is far from deserving, that's clear. No reason therefore to worry about a possible career stoppage...

2015...a plethoric year 2015 in terms of titles and which demonstrates once again that on the inspiration side, everything is still there to allow him to continue the adventure calmly to say the least...

2015... rarely has an artist from the 80s been so productive several decades later. But it must be said that with such a talent, we still have it under our feet !

2018...and here he is again, unstoppable little guy ! And as always, quality is essential, a constant that will have been his for decades and decades ! end to the 2010 decade which saw him succeed in maintaining himself at the highest level without too much difficulty. Hope it lasts...

2018...another successful duo, one more. He will have made a hell of a lot of them and most of them will have been particularly successful. Good in all areas and whether alone or with others. What talent !

2019...knowing that with him nothing is ever over, so we imagine that this title will surely not be the last. To be continued... expected, here he is again, faithful to the post ! An exceptional career longevity that younger generations should take as an example, that’s clear...

2022...because it is clear that a lot of young singers who are starting today will not exceed 3 to 5 years of career maximum. And even...

2022...the 80s brought out exceptional artists whose equivalent no decade since has succeeded in producing, it is clear...



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