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A girl called Johnny...

The Waterboys is an English group formed in 1983 by singer Mike Scott and joined in 1984 by Anthony Thistlehwaite, Karl Wallinger, Roddy Lorimer, Martyn Swain and Kevin Wilkinson.

Two singles were released in the same year, the amazing "A girl called Johnny", followed by the wonderful "December". Both excerpts from the group name album. Album which will have a great esteem success.

In 1984 the album "A pagan place" was released, the main single of which was the single "Big music".

Followed a year later by the album "This is the sea", an album which will remain as the group's biggest commercial success thanks in particular to the excellent "The whole of the moon".

It took three years and 1988 to see the release of the album "Fisherman’s blues", an album that destabilizes fans with a change in tone and a massive influx of Irish and Scottish folk influences.

These changes will only accelerate the group’s decline despite the release of other albums afterwards.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Dead in Venice 1979

  • Whatever happened to the west ? 1980

  • Soul to soul 1981

  • Out of control 1982

  • A girl called Johnny 1983

  • December 1983

  • The big music 1984

  • The whole of the moon 1985

  • Fisherman’s blues 1988

  • World party 1989

  • And a bang on the ear 1989

  • A life of Sundays 1990

  • The return of pan 1993

  • Glastonbury song 1993

  • Bring 'Em all in 1995

  • Love anyway 1997

  • Everybody takes a tumble 2007


Clips :

1979 ... the first steps, to say the least, confidential. Impossible at this stage to imagine the grandiose sequel that awaits the group in the years to come ...

1980 ... it is clear that it will really be necessary for the group to structure himself in order to hope to reach one day or the other in the big leagues. Because for the moment, everything remains quite rough ...

1981 ... the style is gradually structured but everything is still going too fast in terms of rhythm. The group will really have to arise and gain serenity ...

1982 ... that's it, the group has finally taken the right direction. Everything is now ready for the big start. A great start which will take place on the following title ...

1983 ... THE title that will change everything. They finally found the sound and the style that go well. The group can finally express to its just measure a unique talent that will quickly differentiate them from ordinary people. It promises for the future !

1983 ... an incredible inspiration that will literally explode on this title. What will surely remain one of their best titles, if not the best. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... a second year of existence which confirms all the good that one can think of the group. Piece after piece the group demonstrates a more than obvious talent !

1985 ... they still have to wait until 1985 to get their biggest commercial success with THIS title. A largely justified and above all deserved success !

1988 ... little air hole of 3 years and back in this year 1988 with a style and a sound which have evolved somewhat. Celtic music accents that stand out somewhat with their previous productions. Astonishing turnaround ...

1989 ... between two waters on the sound side. Everything that made the singularity of this group, and especially its success, has disappeared, we don't know where ...

1989 ... overly marked folk influences that destabilize fans from the start and demote the group to the depths of the rankings. A nice mess ...

1990 ... the transition to the next decade unfortunately does not change anything. The group seems to be stuck in a musical scheme from which he can not extricate himself at first sight ...

1993 ... we will have to wait until 1993 to see the group finally find some semblance of inspiration. It was more than time but better late than never as they say !

1993 ... a year 1993 which sees the group rising from the ashes but it is already too late. The group missed the end of 80 and the turn of 90, it is now too late to be able to save anything ...

1995 ... the adventure goes on and on, but the group now does more some figuration than anything else. Tough law of the trade ...

1997 ... a title of good quality which shows that everything is still possible. Admittedly, the group will never come back into contact with the best but can hope to play the supporting roles for some time ...

2007 ... an adventure which will last a few more years and which will even allow them to obtain a last 'small' success in this 2000 decade. Like what, nothing is never finished ...


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