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A chic girl ...

Melissa Manchester is an American singer and actress who began her musical career at the age of 15 by singing in advertising jingles.

As a student, she took music composition lessons at New York University with a certain ... Paul Simon (from the future legendary duo Simon & Garfunkel ...). And it’s Bette Midler who got her started in 1971 by including him in his “Harlettes”.

She released her first album "Home to myself" in 1973, a relatively successful album.

It was not until 1975 and the album "Melissa" that she finally took off thanks to the Single "Midnight blue", a Single that included the American Top10.

Four years will pass before she knows in 1979 a new Top10 thanks to its resumption of the title "Don’t cry out loud" by Peter Allen.

She would experience her second biggest success in 1982 with the title "You should hear how she talks about you", from the album "Hey Ricky" and for which she would even win a Grammy Award.

She had two last major successes with "Nice girls" in 1983 and "Thief of hearts" in 1984.

Which will not prevent her from continuing the adventure subsequently and producing titles of significant quality.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

60s Decade :

• Beautiful people 1967

70s Decade :

• Never never land 1973

• Midnight blue 1975

• Just too many people 1975

• Just you and I 1976

• Better days 1976

• Happy endings 1976

• Monkey see, monkey do 1976

• Be somebody 1977

• Don’t cry out loud 1978

• Through the eyes of love 1979

• Pretty girls 1979

80s Decade :

• Fire in the morning 1980

• If this love 1980

• Lovers after all 1980

• You Should Hear How She Talks About You 1982

• Nice girls 1983

• My boyfriend's back 1983

• No one can love you more than me 1983

• Thief of hearts 1984

• Mathematics 1985

• Energy 1985

• Just one lifetime 1985

• The music of goodbye 1986

• Walk on by 1989

90s Decade :

• In a perfect world 1995

2010s Decade :

• Two courageaous hearts 2014

2020s Decade :

• You can't hide the light 2022

• Through the eyes of love 2023

• Whenever I call you friend 2023

• Confide in me 2023

• Just too many people 2024

Midnight blue 2024


Tracks :

1967 ... difficult to imagine at this stage the oufissime sequel which promises to be on the horizon for this young singer. As they say, you have to start one day ...

1973 ... we find her 6 years later and it is clear that she is not at all the same. The singer has matured and it shows in all the compartments, be it the style or the voice !

1975 ... then comes THIS title ! She will simply sign here the biggest success of her career and make a start for the shattering to say the least on the international scene. HU-GE !

1975 ... a quality suite which proves that the enormous success encountered on the previous title was surely not the result of chance. A career launched for good !

1976 ... an Intimist domain which decidedly succeeds her in particular. The dynamics of success are now well in place and it's off to last a few years !

1976 ... as long as it succeeds, why change the register ? We therefore continue in the register with 'emotions', an area which suits her perfectly, it is clear

1976 ... sudden acceleration of the tempo and well, it works pretty well too. Like what, this singer can afford to explore all areas and it would be a shame if she did not !

1976 ... a BIG year 1976 with a plethora of titles and quality on all floors. Some titles will do better than others, especially those released at the start of the year. What is not the case of this one ...

1977 ... here she is back in the Intimist world and the least we can say is that she feels really comfortable there. Even if this title will not be classified, its quality is obvious !

1978 ... specializing in charming ballads, this is confirmed. At least for this decade. Because the 80s will see her radically change category ...

1979 ... when you start signing soundtracks, it's because you reach a level of notoriety that is more than certain. Which is the case now with this title which will be part of the soundtrack of the film 'Ice Castles'. Another title with finesse and softness but now, with her, we have more than usual ...

1979 ... the end of a decade that saw her master her subject perfectly. And above all change the register. Rather good news !

1980 ... welcome to the 80s. You would have thought that the Dance reorientation would last but for the moment, nothing has changed. Always fully gentle !

1980 ... it is confirmed, the beginning of the decade will be essentially Intimist. Be careful, because at one time, too many Intimists risk killing the Intimists ...

1980 ... come on, the tempo is accelerating slowly, it's always taken. Especially since she plays it in duo mode, a first. And my faith, the result is quite up to par !

1982 ... we will have to wait 2 years and the year 1982 to see the tempo accelerate for good. And the least we can say is that it benefits her given the level of success achieved by this title. Like what !

1983 ... the Dance machine is launched. And she proves that she can be as effective in this area as in the Intimist. Only she doubted it !

1983 ... extremely rare at home, she revisits us a title of The Angels dating from 1963 and the least we can say is that the copy is not without interest, it's clear !

1983 ... a year 1983 which saw her excel in all fields, including hybrid titles like this one which subtly mixes Dance and Intimist. Like what, it was enough to try and especially to believe it a little bit !

1984 ... which will surely remain one of her best titles, if not the best. A particularly successful title that works perfectly. HU-GE !

1985 ... after the start of the Intimist decade, it is clear that the sequel is essentially Dance. And my faith, the transition is most successful !

1985 ... the decades follow but do not necessarily resemble each other. It is not at all the same Melissa Manchester with which we are dealing in this decade 80. And my faith, it suits us very well like that !

1985 ... in an ocean of ultra Dance titles, she returns to her first love and gives us an absolutely sumptuous Intimist title. A sweet parenthesis that we appreciate at its true value !

1986 ... when 2 big names of the moment combine, the result is necessarily up to par. Especially when they sign the soundtrack for one of the major films of the decade. MA-GIC !

1989 ... after 3 empty years, we find her again at the end of this decade once again in Intimist mode. She had started the decade like that, the circle is now complete. It remains to be seen what awaits her now during the next decade ...

1995 ... a 90s decade which will see her disappear from radars altogether. She will reappear from time to time and disappear immediately behind. Tough law of the trade ...

2014 ... when the young generation is interested in old glories of the past, the result is amazing to say the least. Where to put something that could not be brought up to date !









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