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100% Bad boy certified ...

Billy Idol, whose real name is William Michael Albert Broad, began his musical career in a group called "The Rockettes". His surname "Idol" actually means lazy ("Idle" in English which is pronounced Idol), a qualifier that would come from a teacher. It was in 1976 that he joined the punk movement by joining the group "Bromley Contingent", a group that quickly split up. He then founded "Generation X" with Tony James, one of the other members of "Bromley Contingent". Adventure which will last 5 years and dotted with some esteem successes in the essentially punk environment. The punk current becoming moribund, it leaves for the United States and meets the producer of the group "Kiss", decisive meeting which will give birth to a first album which leaves in 1982 and which contains in particular "White wedding". It’s the beginning of success. But it was 1984 which saw the climax of the singer and a worldwide success with an album "Rebell yell" which sold 2 million copies. And titles that have become essential such as "Eyes without a face" or "Flesh for fantasy". The 2 following albums, released respectively in 1986 in 1990 will unfortunately not have the same success. Will follow years of hassle with a serious motorcycle accident, an overdose ... This gifted singer with a bad boy look and peroxide hair will still remain one of the flagship figures of the punk wave, then new wave in England. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Dancing with myself 1981

• Hot in the city 1982

• White wedding 1982

• Rebell yell 1984

• Eyes without a face 1984

• Flesh for fantasy 1984

• Catch my fall 1984

• To be a lover 1986

• Don't need a gun 1987

• Sweet sixteen 1987

• Mony mony 1987

• Cradle of love 1990

• L.A. woman 1990

• Shock to the system 1993

• Speed 1994

• Rat race 2005

• Plastic Jesus 2005

• Postcards from the past 2014

• Eyes wide shut 2014

• Save me now 2014

• Bitter taste 2021

• Baby put your clothes back on 2021

• Cage 2022


Clips :

1981 ... an alien from the planet Generation X lands on earth ...

1982 ... the look, the attitude, the bad boy style, everything scares ... Funny specimen, that's clear !

1982 ... but what is certain is that he is full of talent the guy. The proof with this HUGE title. The title of the revelation which will raise him to the rank of planetary star

1984 ... thoroughly, thoroughly, thoroughly ! A title that spins at 200 km/h! Nothing and no one scares him ...

1984 ... the WONDER ! The title which will make him enter definitively in the musical legend of the 80s and offer him his biggest hit. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... he repeats in the process. An incredible year that saw him produce no less than 4 mega world class hits. This title will undoubtedly remain one of its most emblematic !

1984 ... the hits follow one another at an impressive speed. A moment in his career where he literally walks on the water !

1986 ... a small empty passage with a year with only one hit ! He had accustomed us to better, it's clear ...

1987 ... the comeback. A new year with 4 hits. We suspected that his little boost was not going to last ...

1987 ... incredible, is he the same man ... ?? A title with finesse and roundness, not really in its habits. Well, there's only the fools who don't change their mind as they say !

1987 ... a HUGE title for a oufissime year. The culmination of a quirky career itself !

1990 ... one would have thought that the change of decade would be fatal to him ... it was very bad to know it ! Always there and in great shape !

1990 ... that, to have the potato, he has the potato, to say the least ! Tireless Billy !

1993 ... in total Bad Boy mode. Well, Billy, you may have to change the registry because there, it's already seen !

1994 ... his last notorious hit. Of a particularly splendid and colorful career. And who left a very special mark in the musical history of the 80s

2005 ... we thought the case was folded and here he is reborn from its ashes 11 years later. A strong comeback, literally and figuratively but coming from him, no wonder ...

2005 ... as always, he perfectly knows how to alternate brute force and soft force. We had the brute on the previous title, we will have the soft on this one ...

2014 ... new air hole which will last 9 years this time. And the least we can say is that he hasn't lost any of his talent. The proof !

2014 ... more than 30 years after its beginnings still there and above all still in full possession of its means. A quality that can only be found among the Greatest !

2014 ... with him, nothing is ever finished and everything is always possible. So go find out what he has in store for the future. Good question...


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